Here we see that the Divrei Binah, the first Biala Rebbe, is explaining the blessings hidden within the seeming curses of the "Tochachah" in this Parshah, revealing G-d's constant love for the Jewish people.

"And I will cut off your sun-idols (chamaneichem) חמניכם"

This is a good promise that Hashem promised the Jewish people, that he will cut off and nullify from us the power of the heat of the fire of the evil inclination which burns inside of us. The tern "chamaneichem - חמניכם" (sun-idols) comes from the word "chamimus - חמימות" (heat), which hints to the strength of the evil inclination that heats up and burns within a person's heart, bringing him to evil desires, G-d forbid. G-d, in His abundant mercy, will cut off and nullify from the world the power of this heat in the hearts of Israel. Then the entire Jewish people will be connected to G-d's will constantly forever.

(Divrei Binah: Parshas Bechukosai p. 96)

"And I will bring destruction upon areichem - עריכם"

"Areichem - עריכם" is usually translated as "your cities", "ir - עיר" being the word for city. However, the word "areichem - עריכם" can also mean "your enemies", like in the verse "vayehi arech - ויהי ערך" - "and he became an enemy". So we see that this verse, which would seem to be a curse, is actually a blessing, for G-d promises us that he will bring destruction upon our enemies. This is the meaning of "and I will bring destruction upon areichem", for "areichem" means "your enemies", for the destruction will fall upon the heads of your enemies, and you will live in security and peace.

(Divrei Binah: Parshas Bechukosai p. 97)

"And I will scatter (azareh - אזרה) you among the nations"

"Azareh - אזרה" is related to the word "zer - זר" and "nezer - נזר", which means a type of crown. This means that G-d will make us like a crown upon His head, so to speak, by revealing to the eyes of the entire world G-d's great love and affection that He has for the Jewish people. Through this will the next verse be fulfilled "and I will chase after you with the sword", like Rashi explained elsewhere, in accord with the translation of the Targum, that I will give you glory with my sword (much like the custom of some kings is to declare a person to be a knight by touching him with his sword). Because of this I will be able to make glory with my sword for your sake, by bringing destruction upon "areichem - עריכם", as we explained earlier, that I will place all of the destruction upon the heads of your enemies. And I will set you as a crown of holy glory for the entire world to see.

(Divrei Binah: Parshas Bechukosai p. 97)

"Then the land will be satisfied (tirtze תרצה - from the word ratzon - רצון) with its Sabbaths"

For then the Jewish people will be brought to the root of the concept of the Supernal Will (Ratzon Elyon - רצון עליון), which is the true purpose for the world, and the complete purification. Then the land will be satisfied with its Sabbaths, the plural form indicating two Sabbaths. This means that through the holiness of the Jewish people keeping Shabbos, then they are worthy to go into the Supernal Shabbos, which is a world that is entirely Shabbos and resting. In that world there is no jealousy, hatred, or resentment. All of the powers of evil will be nullified from the world, and the Jewish people will be worthy to be connected to the level of the Supernal Will of G-d, may He be blessed, which is the root and purpose of all the blessings and salvations of the Jewish people. Amen, may it be His Will, soon, in our days, Amen.

(Divrei Binah: Parshas Bechukosai p. 97)

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