PARSHAS BEHAR - פרשת בהר

"For you are strangers (or converts - גרים) and residents with me"

This is because Hashem in His abundant mercy and kindness, considers the entire Jewish people to be like converts. There is a well-known saying of the Sages, that a stranger who converts to Judaism is like a new-born baby, and all of his previous sins are as if they never were. If we Jews (whether we were born Jewish or we converted some time ago) return to Him whole-heartedly, like converts who abandon their misguided past and accept upon themselves to serve G-d from now on, then our sins will be erased as well. "And residents" means that when it comes to the mitzvos and good deeds that one did before he repented are still remembered like a native resident.

(Divrei Binah: Parshas Behar p. 89)

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