"' , -- ; , " - "May the LORD the God of your ancestors multiply you as you are a thousand times" (Deuteronomy 1:11)

My father, the Rebbe from Shidlovtza, zt"l, taught, it is written "One man in a thousand I have found" (Ecclesiastes 7:28), which means that through a thousand men together unified as one, there is made from this one complete person. Moses blessed the Jews that they should be multiplied upon them a thousand times, that each individual alone will be like a full person, as is only found by a thousand people, and that itself should be multiplied by a thousand.

(Divrei Binah - Parshas Vayigash p. 62)


Why is this Shabbos called "Shabbos Chazon"? The reason seems that one could say according to the verse which uses the term chazon in the sense of, " ; , -" - "In thoughts from the visions of the night, when deep sleep falleth on men" (Job 4:13), that the truth is that even if the Jews sin, G-d forbid, this does not follow full thought, but it is rather like someone merely dreaming. This is what is hinted to in the Haftarah that "the ox knows his owner" (Isaiah 1:3), for an ox knows that if he does something against his owner he is at fault, and he does so willingly and with full mind. But when the Jews do something against G-d's Will sometimes, it is not with a full mind, for "Israel does not know, my people do not think deeply into it" (ibid.), for they do not think deeply, but it is all only like a dream, because in one moment they can wake up and go back to be under G-d's Will. Also, there can be no fault among the Jews, because it is all like a mere dream.

When it comes to goodness, it is also written "when the LORD returns the captivity of Zion, we are like dreamers" (Psalm 126:1), that when it comes to acquiring good things, G-d says that even when it seems that they are dreaming, they are fulfilling His Will. This can be compared to someone who loves a King so much that he cannot even forget about the King when he sleeps. This is the proof that he loves the King wholeheartedly, that he even dreams about him. Even though we are in a bitter Exile, which can be compared to sleep for us, despite that we are fulfilling His will while we sleep! This awakens a tremendous joy in Heaven! This is what is hinted to by calling this Shabbos "Shabbos Chazon" - the Shabbos of Prophetic Vision, for that hints to the coming redemption, may it be soon, when we will be compared to dreamers, for even though we were dreaming throughout our bitter exile, G-d turns this around to be a tremendous Divine Service, showing the greatness of the Jewish People.

(Divrei Binah - Parshas Devarim p. 15)

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