"And you should keep and do them with all of your heart and all of your soul" - " , - -" (Deuteronomy 26:16)

Rashi explains that the person bringing first fruits was blessed "just as you brought first fruits today, so may you repeat it next year". It is taught that "" "bereshis" "in the beginning" means " " "because of the beginning", which is "Israel that is called the beginning". And it is written "He renews every day constantly the work of creation (or "the beginning")". Thus we see that the world is created anew every day in the merit of the Jewish people. And their service is also renewed daily. Every Jew is a real tzaddik serving God every day with a new service, just as the work of creation is renewed daily. Just the same is the service of God renewed daily. This is the meaning of "every day it should be like new in your eyes", that every day your service of God should seem like new in your eyes, just like creation. Therefore we see that a person must pray to God that he should be worthy to serve God every day with a new service. Similarly, every time-bound mitzvah that comes up once a year is also different every time. With the change of service. This is the blessing that the one who brought first fruits received "just as you brought first fruit today so should you tishneh next year." "" - "Tishneh" can mean either "repeat" or "change", therefore the blessing is that next year you should change your service, that you should bring first fruit with a new service. This is why one is blessed for bringing first fruit, because the Midrash teaches that the world was created in merit of the mitzvah of bringing the first fruit to the Temple. Therefore we see that there needs to be a recognizable renewal in the world when bringing the first fruit. Understand this well.

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