"And upon the eminent ones of the children of Israel He did not send His Hand"

It is known that when a person eats it is a time of judgement. Someone who eminates from the Children of Israel knows that nothing comes to him from himself. Only from what eminates from the people of Israel to him that which eminates from the children of Israel, this is possible. "He did not send His Hand" means that through this the attribute of harsh judgement did not rule during the time of eating "and they saw God" means a level of clarity to separate the harsh judgements during the time one eats, and also "and they saw God" means that one is shown His Blessed Godliness, that God is also in eating and drinking.

(Divrei Binah - Parshas Mishpatim p. 113)

"Lest the destroyer is given permission to destroy" (Hagadah shel Pesach)

There are things like this in the world that do not seem to be forbidden in and of themselves, however they are a gateway to enter into false and faulty ways of thinking, which are the direct opposite of the opinion of the Holy Torah. Like in our days, since due to our abundant sins, the sinners and heretics have misguided the Children of Israel to bring them to schools and gymnasiums to teach them writing and language. They claim that this is the way for them to find an easy and abundant livelihood. However, in truth, their entire intention is evil, in order to find a door to impurity, to lead someone step by step to, God forbid, slowly abandon the holy customs of our ancestors. This is know to all as has been seen.

This fourth bitter exile is the Exile of Edom... Their entire evil is that they wish to harm the Jews, God forbid, and to, God forbid, destroy their Holy Torah. They try to accomplish their evil plans subliminally through their "good advice" and flattering with their smooth tongues, trying to teach a path to go down, as a way to make a livelihood, and as a way to stop the nations of the world from hating them.

"It is known that in each of their exiles, there have been sinners in Israel who have drawn themselves close to and joined them, and through these apostates our enemies are able to accomplish all of their plans and decrees. They have been the go-between for this, (as is know from the words of our Sages) for no language or nation can themselves rule over Israel - it is only through the sinners and traitors who willingly accept their destructive ideas and their false wisdom. It is through these Jewish apostates that the power of evil can be revealed in the world. They are the ones who bring all of our enemies wicked decrees from the potential to the actual, may the Merciful One save us.

"The Heretics of our times, may their names be blotted out, deny the holiness of the Holy Land, and think that the main reason for the Land is that it gives good produce to those who work it. They think that Israel operates in a natural fashion."

"Many casualities have, may God save us, fallen into the trap of these impure heretics. Many precious Jewish souls, and holy school children, have been defiled by the teachings of these heretics, G-d forbid. Oh Land! Do not cover their blood! Oh LORD! Look down from heaven, and pass the spirit of impurity away from the land, and may the heretics be punished with embarassment forever. These wicked men strech out their hooves like a swine, and do Mitzvos, and try to fulfil that which is considered to be good today, and worry about our livelihoods, and go after being decorated with mitzvos, and create a crown to undermine the Torah, with all types of jewels, as their ways are known, and build a vain tower, as is known."

(Divrei Binah: Parshas Mishpatim)

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