"Haran, the father of Milcah and the father of Yiscah"

The word "HaRaN" is the same letters as the word "NaHaR" (which is the Hebrew word for "river"), which (in Aramaic) is (also) an expression of "clarity". It is also the same letters as "HaNeR" (the lamp). It is also the same letters as "RiNnaH" (joyous song). This means that if a person illuminates his soul, as "NaHaR" indicates illumination, and "HaNeR" is the reference to the soul, as the scripture says "the lamp of the LORD is a person's soul", then he should also always be in joy, which is the concept of "RiNnaH". Then he will be the "father of Milcah", which is an expression of "advice", from the term "Malki yishaper alaich" - "My king will be beautified by you", that you will become wise enough that people may seek advice from you. And also "the father of Yiscah" - that you are a dwelling place for the inspiration of the Divine Spirit, that the Divine Presence rests on you, because you are a sage. And the Divine Presence only rests in joy.

(Sefer Divrei Binah - Parshas Noach p. 38)

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