5:8) "(In the Temple) they stood cramped together, but when they bowed down there was room"

This might hint to those who live a very difficult life, who have no livelihood, and live a cramped, difficult lifestyle. Bowing refers to bowing down and giving thanks to God for the good He has given. When someone is thankful he is worthy to opening up space, that they should be saved from this suffering and given space to live.

(Sefer Orchos Dovid - Pirkei Avos 5:8 p. 292)

5:9) "Some say the damaging demons were also created then (late Friday afternoon)"

This hints to the situation that we find that on Friday afternoon the Yeshivos are not in session because there is not so much time to learn Torah. However, sometimes on Friday afternoon the boys are not learning Torah when they actually could do so, and this brings destruction to a person like a damaging demon.

(Sefer Orchos Dovid - Pirkei Avos 5:9 p. 292)

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