"And their cry went up to G-d from the labor" - " -, -."

Their main cries were from the labor were from the pain that reached God from the labor, because since the Shechinah is with us in Exile, It feels our pain together with us.

(Divrei Binah - Parshas Shemos p. 16)

"And God saw the children of Israel and God knew." - " , - ; , "

This means that since God saw and looked out of his mercy upon the children of Israel, through this the Israelites knew that there was a God in the world. This is the meaning of "and God knew", that God made it known to them that there is a God in the world, therefore it also possible to say "and God knew", since the Israelites set it on their hearts to meditate on the fac that there is a God who controls and rulesthe world, and through this "God saw the children of Israel", that he watches over them during their troubles, and has mercy on them. These two explainations are actually one, dependant upon eachother. Understand this well.

(Divrei Binah - Parshas Shemos p. 16)

"And Moses was the shepherd of Jethro's flock" - ", - "

We see concerning Abel in the book of Genesis, it said that he was also a shepherd, while Cain was a farmer of the soil, and that is because each of them had their jobs according to their actions. Cain's opinion was that he thought that abundance comes to a person in accordance with his effort and actions, and the world operates according to laws of nature. That is why he worked on the soil all the time, because he thought that from this will be his livelihood. However Abel knew the truth, that a man is not powerful through his own strength, and that all actually comes from the power of God, Who helps every person in His kindness and mercy. This is why he was a shepherd, because sheep receive their food and livelihood without any work ever, because they are not work animals in any sense. This is why the verse says that Moses was the shepherd of Jethro's flock. It is known from Kabballah that Moses was the reincarnated soul of Abel, therefore he conducted himself in the way he had in his past life, knowing and believing that everything in the world comes only from God's blessed Power.

(Divrei Binah - Parshas Shemos p.16-17)

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