"And the cherubim spread their wings above, making shelter with their wings upon the curtain, and one faced his brother" (Exodus 25:20)

We could learn a hint from this. The Sages teach that the cherubim had faces of children, and this is one translation of cherub into Aramaic "k'ravia" which means "like a child". The holy books speak of a "Greater Face" and a "Lesser Face". These terms refer to the levels of the cherubim, which in turn hints to the level of trust that every Jew must truly have in God, and His supervision over each individual Jew. The power of full trust is hinted to by a "child", as it is written "my soul, as my mother supported me and supported my soul." This is because a baby only has life from that which his mother feeds him. So too, a person must truly believe that he has nothing, not even life itself, from the merit of his own works at all, but rather only from that which God pours down upon him in His abundant Mercy. By remembering this, a person is able to awaken the downpour of blessing from above, and bring down Divine Supernal Mercy upon himself. Through this will he be able to attach the levels of "Greater Face" to "Lesser Face", so to speak, and God will rejoice in His works (or "in his works" - the Hebrew is ambiguous and can be interpreted here in both ways, and probably is focusing upon the latter, while also meaning the first way). This is the meaning of "And the cherubim spread their wings above", meaning that when a person is on the level of a cherub, meaning an infant ("Lesser Face") who depends totally upon his mother, then can he bring down the supernal blessing, which is the level of "Greater Face". This then is the meaning of "making shelter with their wings upon the curtain", because the curtain protected and covered the holy Tablets that were in the Ark. This hints to the concept that the power of Torah should not go outside, Heaven forbid, to places that are not worthy to it. The curtain made a type of restriction and shield to this, to prevent the holiness of the Ark from going out, except to those who deserved it, therefore a Jew must see to it to be a supporter of Torah, in order to prevent any disrespect to a Sage or Saint of a generation, Heaven forbid. They need to help him and support him with honor and glory, in order to prevent any disrespect, heaven forbid, to the honor that is due to the Torah. If a person is worthy to perfect the attribute of trust in God, then he is able to be, with his deeds, on the level of the curtains of the ark, to protect the Torah Sage, and to be a supporter of Torah. "And one faced his brother" means that when there is love and unity between friends, then one can come to the true level of trust in God, for one depends on the other, through the level of "and one faced his brother". Through this one can come to the level of uniting the "Greater Face" with the "Lesser Face" in absolute unity. Through this, a group of friends can bring down upon themselves a downpour of holy blessings and life from the Supernal Source of all blessing, and bring this blessing upon the entire Jewish people forever. Amen, so may it be His Will.

(Divrei Binah - Parshas Terumah p. 124-125)

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