"In the eyes of all Israel" (Deuteronomy 34:12)

When we connect this last verse of the Torah to the first verse, we see that the last verse is "In the eyes of all Israel", and the opening is "In the beginning" (Genesis 1:1). It would seem that this would hint to the concept that the first preparation for receiving the Torah is only through conducting one self with holiness by guarding one's eyes, as it is taught in the holy books, and by the Sages, that if a person does not guard his eyes from looking at that which is forbidden to see, then he cannot have a pure mind or purity of his thoughts, and his heart becomes confused, and he is not worthy to acquire the Holy Torah. This is the meaning of "In the eyes of all Israel - in the beginning" - that through the Jewish people keeping their eyes properly they can begin to be able to learn the Torah. This is the beginning and preface to the Torah, for without guarding the eyes one cannot hold on to his Torah learning.

(Sefer Orchos Dovid - teachings of Rebbe Dovid Mattisyahu of Biala, zt"l, p. 220)

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