"And all the people saw the voices" - "- -" (Exodus 20:14)

To understand what this has to teach us for all generations. We know that the Torah is written with 22 letters, which are enunciated with the five parts of the mouth that are used to pronounce these 22 letters (i.e. each letter falls into one of these five categories). The Sages teach that the secular talk of a Torah Scholar must be studied (as Torah). This is because they bring together with the five parts of the mouth the 22 letters (meaning a true Torah scholar is careful that every word he says is imbued with some holiness). This verse teaches that even if one is not on the level of a true Torah Scholar, in any event when one is studying Torah he has to repare all of his other words, and bring them into holiness (through the Torah), so that he should "see the voices", meaning that he should always watch what he says and fix his words.

(Sefer Divrei Binah - Parshas Yisro p. 92)

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